Bespoke Semi-Permanent Makeup

Crafted from years of expertise for a fine-tuned result—Haute Makeup’s semi-permanent makeup methodology addresses clients’ individual needs to enhance their natural beauty.

Unlike conventional makeup which can smear, smudge, or transfer throughout the day, Haute Makeup semi-permanent makeup is designed to be long-lasting and effortlessly neat for a continuously flawless day-to-day look.

The Haute Makeup Bespoke Method™ is a fusion of extensive beauty know-how with scientific research of skin dermatology and color pigment chemistry, all brought together through the talented skill of the Haute Makeup Hautician®.

Look no further for beautiful and most importantly natural results. You’ve arrived at Haute Société.

“Everyone will notice your beauty, No one will know your secret!”

Perfectly Shaped EYEBROWS

Well-shaped brows add the right expression to your features. Eyebrows have always been the natural fashion statement. Like a good pair of chic glasses, eyebrows should frame the eyes and balance out the structure of your face without overpowering your look!

A perfectly symmetrical pair of eyebrows is very rare as many eyebrows are naturally uneven from birth. Eyebrows can become sparse and irregular from over-plucking of the brow hair, chemotherapy, and other traumas that slow or stop the growth of new eyebrow hair.

This is why Haute Makeup is the solution for thin brows that need a boost in shape and color. Through Haute Makeup, your eyebrows are enhanced by simulated hair stroke lines.

Our semi-permanent makeup is interspersed throughout your real hair and because it effortlessly recreates the appearance of fine eyebrow hairs, Haute Makeup has the ability to lift sagging eyebrows, define your eyebrow shape, and fill in patchy and thinning areas—leading to thicker, fuller, and more youthful-looking brows. A variety of styles is available for clients to achieve a harmonious outcome to match your natural features and personal fashion style.

Precisely applying eyebrows micropigmentation
Ombré shading effect to intensify your eyebrows

Upstroke: a lifted look is achieved through this technique. Well-spaced apart with an incremental slant, these sloped hair strokes appear to be brushed upward and away from the inner eye for the maximum lifting of drooping brows.

Subtle filling: using your own natural brow, this technique makes hair strokes follow the given direction and angle of the brow hairs to fill in only empty and thinning areas. Most suitable for clients needing an understated boost to their brows. Popular with male clients.

Twin direction: for clients who have hairs going both upward and downward growth and wish to keep the same orientation of their brow hair shape.

Natural full: a fashionably bushy style for clients wanting bespoke bold brows. Thickening and volume-plumping through detailed in-between hairs for a naturally full shape.

Ombré shading: the look for flashy, purposely made-up brows, this matte “eyebrow shadow” is not your average permanent eyebrow shading. Instead of a flat block of color, we start out soft and subtly deepen the color for a silky gradient, resulting in a wonderful ombré effect to intensify your eyebrows.

Before/After  by Master Hautician® Michelle Park

Semi-permanent eyebrows are the most popular service we offer. A pair of well-shaped eyebrows frames the face and can emulate youthfulness for any client. Our true semi-permanent makeup technique does not damage the skin, fades evenly, and creates realistic and natural results for about one to two years. 

Service fee by Master Hautician® Michelle Park

Complete Treatment

$1,500/2 sessions

For a resident of the location who can commit for the full two session treatment

A Pioneer of Semi-Permanent Makeup in US & Canada
Creator of Haute Makeup Bespoke Method™
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Subtly enhanced natural shape of eyebrows

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Elegantly Bespoke EYELINERS

Carefully applying eyeliner micropigmentation

Eyeliner is one of the trickiest to master the shape and hardest to keep on throughout the day. Smudging occurs often, and runny eye makeup is common in humid or rainy climates, leading to raccoon eyes or dark circles. 

Haute Makeup’s semi-permanent eyeliner is the key for smudge-free eyeliner even after exercising, swimming, and every other day-to-day activity. If you wear contacts, are visually impaired, have shaky hands, or simply want to save time, this service is for you. We create expressive, radiant eyes. 

With our gentle pigmentation technique, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your eyes and lashes. We can darken the lash line for a thicker and fuller eyelash look and create beautiful eyes. Any shape, any color, you can rest knowing that our eyeliner colors will not fade from black to blue. 

For optimal performance and result, we do not apply our service in the waterline of the eyes.

Defined lash: a sharp line is created within the lashes for precisely lined eyes.

Soft lash: instead of a line, we shade down lashes for a subtle coloring. Suitable for delicate eyeliner looks or for male clients.

Blended lash: for a feminine chic to increase the depth of your eyes, we match the color of your iris and create a smooth, natural looking semi-permanent eye shadow to accompany your eyeliner. This method is well-adapted onto the eyelids, making sure it’s softly blended instead of appearing unnaturally harsh.

Defined eyeliner creates precisedly lined eyes

Before/After  by Master Hautician® Michelle Park

Semi-permanent eyeliner makes eyelashes look darker and fuller. Our true semi-permanent makeup technique does not damage the skin, fades over time without any bodily issues, and creates realistic and natural results for about one to two years. 

Service fee by Master Hautician® Michelle Park

Defined eyeliners make your eyelash full and dark

Complete Treatment

$1,500/2 sessions

For a resident of the location who can commit for the full two session treatment

A Pioneer of Semi-Permanent Makeup in US & Canada
Creator of Haute Makeup Bespoke Method™
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Youthfully Full LIPS

Lips can become washed out and lose their shape and natural pigmentation as the face ages over time. From fine wrinkles around the mouth, or from day-to-day wear, lipstick can feather and bleed. Gloss is sometimes too sticky to wear for long periods of time, and to clean off long-lasting lip tint can be a hassle. 

To achieve flawless lip contours, even out natural shape imperfections, and bring back a voluminous shape, why not transform your thin lips with Haute Makeup’s semi-permanent lip treatments? You’ll never have to apply lipstick again even after eating, exercising, swimming, or kissing!

Due to our state of the art technique, we create the thinnest and most delicate lip contours. If you are looking for lip shape enlargements, they lead to natural results. We select a personalized color from our wide color palette. No one will know the secret to your beautiful lips. 

Other services we offer are brightening and camouflage treatments to lighten up and cover dark pigmentation found in the lips, and to smoothen out lip wrinkles through our special appearance softening technique. This treatment may or may not be suitable for clients with dark, naturally occurring pigmentation in or around the lips. 

If you are known cold sore sufferer, contact us in advance to set up a plan to reduce the chance of cold sores after the treatment. Always have a consultation to carefully examine your skin type.

Gently applying lips micropigmentation
Portrait of beautiful happy young woman with long curly hair - isolated on white.
Bring out your best beautiful smile

Full & Contour: any shape or color, we create a thin contour and shade in two-thirds of the natural lip to give your lips the perfect pout. Choose either from our natural shades or fashionable tints to reflect your day-to-day look.

Full & No Contour: instead of creating a contour, we shape and shade into the lips for a more understated look. Suitable for male clients.

Soft Light Lip Contrast: an additional service to any of our full lip services, we pick a shade brighter than your chosen color to create highlight areas in the lip area to promote the appearance of an attractively full volume.

Cupid’s Bow Accent: an additional service to any of our full lip services, Cupid’s Bow Accent is a special semi-permanent makeup lip highlighting service where a light champagne or skin tone is pigmented with a special technique over the Cupid’s bow of your top lip. This defines the lovely curve ever further without the need for a darker lip outline and makes the Cupid’s Bow more attractive.

Lip Corner Brightening: for lips with a darker edge at the corners, brighten it up into a rosy pink or peach through our special dark spot covering technique.

Wrinkle Softening: for lips with uneven or wavy contours from fine lip wrinkles, this special camouflaging technique where we add in a lighter tone in the crevasse of the wrinkle reduces shadows. This lowers the visibility of wrinkles and helps create a strikingly smooth lip contour.

Before/After  by Master Hautician® Michelle Park

Semi-permanent lip service balances out the shape and color so that applying makeup takes no time at all! Our true semi-permanent makeup technique does not damage the skin, fades naturally, and creates realistic and natural results for about one to two years. 

Service fee by Master Hautician® Michelle Park

Complete Treatment

$2,000/2 sessions

For a resident of the location who can commit for the full two session treatment

A Pioneer of Semi-Permanent Makeup in US & Canada
Creator of Haute Makeup Bespoke Method™
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Enhanced natural shape of your lips

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Distinctly Iconic BEUATY MARKS

Accentual beauty mark distinguishes your identity

Beauty marks can be adapted anywhere to the face, any size. As the pigment will not fade to a black or a cold gray tone, the Haute Makeup Bespoke Method™ beauty marks look the most natural for the client.

Using skin-perfect warm browns, we choose the correct color for your skin to make sure it looks 100% natural. Although we can do more than one spot, we usually do not do a “freckled” look. For clients wishing to create a beauty mark on either raised or sunken in skin, schedule a consultation to see if the skin texture will work for this treatment. 

Some skin textures may have difficulty holding pigment.

Before/After  by Master Hautician® Michelle Park

Our true semi-permanent makeup technique does not damage the skin, fades evenly, and creates realistic and natural results for about one to two years. 

Service fee by Master Hautician® Michelle Park

Carefully applied ironic beauty mark

Complete Treatment

$400/2 sessions

For a resident of the location who can commit for the full two session treatment

A Pioneer of Semi-Permanent Makeup in US & Canada
Creator of Haute Makeup Bespoke Method™
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Permanent Makeup CORRECTION

Correcting lips with clean contour and even coloring

Although the concept of permanent makeup is great, the actual implementation has its troubles.

The main perk of permanent makeup is that it is “permanent.” However, this becomes the source of the problem later on! Permanent makeup and tattooing hit the deeper layers of the skin. Pigment is deposited into the dermal, and sometimes even deeper than the subcutal region of the skin. In the act of cell renewal, the epidermis sheds skin which rests over the dermal layer, which does not shed. 

The 4 most common complaints about permanent makeup are that the pigmentation is “too dark,” the “color tone changes,” its “uneven” or “too strong.”

Unlike body muscles, the face changes dramatically over time. Permanent makeup from the past may create a problem in the present for the client because it doesn’t match the current face. 

And since permanent makeup can be deep, the needle will come into contact with blood and nerve endings more directly, meaning that there will be a longer healing period for the client depending on the method used. 

Furthermore, some pigments may even fade into a different color from the original due to how they metabolize in the deeper layers of the skin.

The United States Food and Drug Administration have an informative website to increase awareness about the dangers of permanent makeup inks. They strongly urge consumers to know what is in the pigment. Some pigments may be hazardous to client’s health.

Many pigments used in tattoo inks are not approved for skin contact at all. Some are industrial grade colors that are suitable for printers’ ink or automobile paint, and are unrefined. Haute Makeup does not use pigments with harmful color additives  including heavy metals, AZO dyes, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), and hazardous aromatic amines including nitrosodiethanolamine (NDELA). Haute Makeup uses colors which are certified vegan.

Be warned! Organic pigments are not made from nature! They are synthetically created in laboratories in a certain method and are the result of organic chemistry. Always check the label for ingredients.

In the process of fixing permanent makeup mistakes, we take a detailed look at the current state of your bad permanent makeup and then find out ways to neutralize the color, such as an old eyebrow tattoo turning red, with our especially adaptive camouflage pigments. Next we create a new shape on top after we have neutralized the base.

Reddish and outdated styled eyebrows corrected perfectly
Lightening Correction
Darkened lip line corrected to match lip color

Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Correction: unflattering, dark, and patchy, tattooed eyebrows that have a strong red, gray, green, or maroon residue can be fixed with our special neutralizing technique. Eyebrows become balanced again and look more natural when we create hair strokes.

Permanent Makeup Eyeliner Correction: smeared or unattractively tattooed eyeliner can appear too thick and unnatural. The eyes look strongly ringed and too heavy. We can return expressiveness and create a more flattering shape, as well as “warm up” eyeliner that have become too bluish.

Permanent Makeup Lip Correction: dark and irregular lip liner or lips that have become a dull color due to bad permanent makeup can become revitalized through our colors and technique. We can enlarge lips, shrink lips, and fix the color to make them brighter and beautiful.

Permanent Makeup Cover Correction:  others may try to fix permanent makeup with their own skin colors, however the lack of skill from the technician may only implant a beige or orange color that does not match your skin, or rather, chooses a neutralizing color that only worsens the problem. With our 20 years of knowhow with fixing permanent makeup, we are able to fix “corrective pigments” and bring more natural results.

For the best results, permanent makeup correction services must be done gradually and therefore take roughly three to four sessions; always have a consultation to discuss your condition.

Before/After  by Master Hautician® Michelle Park

Our true semi-permanent makeup technique does not damage the skin, fades without bodily issues, and creates realistic and natural results for about one to two years. 

Service fee by Master Hautician® Michelle Park

Complete Treatment

$500/2 sessions

This Permanent Makeup Correction Service is not standalone. It is an add-on service to the Eyebrows, Eyeliners, and Lips service for cases requiring additional correction.

A Pioneer of Semi-Permanent Makeup in US & Canada
Creator of Haute Makeup Bespoke Method™
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Permanent make up
Completely corrected old permanent makeup

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Hypo-pigmentation on forehead camouflaged

Medical camouflage pigmentation restores the color of natural occurring skin. This service focuses on healed tissues, in treating and adapting unnatural skin colors due to scarring from accidents, surgical operations, and skin disorders to recreate the look of healthy, normal skin. Through Haute Medi-Camouflage™ pigmentation services, we can reduce the visibility and correct the color of scars, and help clients who suffer from vitiligo and hypo-pigmentation.

The procedure is difficult to do because the technician is pigmenting over skin that has been burned, cut, or damaged beyond natural skin repair (therefore the creation of the scar or other skin ailment). The technician requires dexterity and knowledge of skin.

With Haute Medi-Camouflage™, we use a sterile, single-use needle. Focusing on depositing color into the boundary between epidermis and dermis, our needle does not penetrate into the deep dermal layers, where blood is located. This is why this treatment does not hit blood, is less painful, and has quick downtime. 

This form of Haute Medi-Camouflage™ lasts around 1 to 2 years, depending on the individual’s skin type, metabolism, and external factors such as environment and sunlight exposure. The frequency and amount of skin shed affects the longevity of the Haute Medi-Camouflage™.

Cross-Expertise Synergies

Dr. Kimberly Lee specializes in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery in Beverly Hills and recommends the Haute Makeup Bespoke Method™ to her patients:

“The precision and technique of Haute Makeup skilled Master Hautician® Michelle Park enhances the appearance of the face in a natural fashion. By combining it with anti-aging treatment for the face using dermal fillers, advanced skincare, and Botox, it effectively enhances the overall appearance to give a refreshed and youthful look while camouflaging any blemishes, imperfections, or scars.”

For further information on Dr. Kimberly Lee, visit her at her website.

Scar from face lift camouflaged with skin color
Hypo-pigmentation beneath nose camouflaged
Reshaping and Recoloring of Areola

Before receiving any type of medical camouflage pigmentation, it is important to provide accurate medical history to the technician to ensure that medical pigmentation is right for you and to research thoroughly before the treatments. It is important that you choose wisely as you can expose the scarred or sensitive tissue to even more risks.

Haute Makeup Master Hautician® Michelle Park, who can provide these specific services, has professionalism and experience with these affected skin problems:

  • Alopecia areata totalis
  • Vitiligo & hypo-pigmentation
  • Hair loss due to neurodermatitis/Hertog’s sign
  • Scars from accidents, injuries, and surgeries on the face and body
  • Partial or total loss of the eyebrows, eyelashes, and upper or lower lip after surgical reconstruction
  • Skin lesions
  • Indistinct lip contours after impetigo contagiosa
  • Cleft lip and palates
  • Skin transplant scars
  • Burns
  • Stretch marks
  • Areola reconstruction

Clients wishing to have Medical Camouflage services must wait until the affected area is at least 18 months old. Some skin textures may have difficulty holding pigment due to the inner texture of the affected skin.

Before/After  by Master Hautician® Michelle Park

Haute Medi-Camouflage™ lasts around 1 to 2 years, depending on the individual’s skin type, metabolism, and external factors such as environment and sunlight exposure. 

Service fee by Master Hautician® Michelle Park

Completly corrected old permanent makeup

Single Treatment

$1,000 ~ 10,000/1 session

All Medi-Camouflage services are a single session only, no follow up included.
Price may differ depending on the type, texture, and color of a treatment area.
Just examples, smaller than 1/4 inch width and 2-inch length square area charged at $1,000 and 2-inch diameter area charged at $2,500. It takes at least 1 month later for next session of medical pigmentation.
Consultation is necessary for all Medi-Camouflage treatment before application.

No.1 Specialist of Medical-Pigmentation in US & Canada
Creator of Haute Medi-Camouflage Method™
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe? Yes of course! Haute Makeup is safe for many individuals, including people suffering from cancer, alopecia totalis, and other skin conditions. However, if you have a severe sensitivity or allergies, we recommend that you check with your dermatologist before considering semi-permanent makeup. Individuals must let their technicians know about their health status and medical history for maximum safety.
An individual’s pain threshold differs for each person’s distinct skin type. However, as we do not go very deep into the skin with our method, it is less painful than permanent makeup or tattooing. There is no blood but lymph (the fluid that circulates throughout the lymphatic system) may be present for people with sensitive skin. Lymph is usually translucent yellow, sometimes orange depending on the person. The technician applies a topical anesthetic (Lidocaine/alcohol solution) to disinfect and numb the area as they do the service.

 A. Our Haute Makeup is designed to create perfectly arched eyebrows, beautifully defined eyes, flawlessly colored lips, cute beauty marks, lip highlights, and wrinkle softening. Our single-use, one-needle technology paired with our gentle pigmentation method can recreate the look you want. Our hair stroke techniques, detailed eyeliner, and lip contouring will amaze you! We have a before and after gallery and extensive testimonial page commending our expertise, but we recommend coming in for a personalized consultation with one of our semi-permanent makeup experts to find the perfect look.

The medical-grade pigments and precision device make us the safest choice for medical camouflage pigmentation services. We are able to reduce the visibility of scars or even hide them completely depending on the skin of the client. We also provide vitiligo correction, fixing cleft lips and palates, and areola reconstruction pigmentation.

It takes about generally 1 hour and 30 minutes for each treatment. Eyeliner and lips may take up to 2 hours depending on the size. Beauty marks take about 20 to 30 minutes. Model services, as they are also a supervised instruction and training session, can take up to 3 hours. For the body or other medical camouflage services, the time may vary due to the sensitive qualities of the skin.

Haute Makeup is applied with a pen-like device that contains an ultra-fine, thin, surgical steel (disposable and one-time use) needle that draws precise lines or does gentle shading on the skin using a special technique. It is not at all similar to a conventional tattooing machine or technique. The device is designed for pigmentation of the face and as we do the service, the technician slowly goes the epidermal area, instead of deeper. It is less invasive and traumatic to the skin and the process does not draw blood.

With each new complete treatment, there are two sessions. After the first treatment, clients must return 10-14 days later for their second treatment which is free of charge. This second treatment is called a “follow-up”. A touch-up session is a priced treatment for clients wanting to update their Haute Makeup. All touch-up sessions are priced by the time length since a client’s last treatment.

On average, cosmetic fillers and Botox last roughly three to six months. Our semi-permanent makeup is designed to last around one year. To avoid unbalanced shapes due to cosmetic fillers wearing down in the skin, we strongly recommend having semi-permanent makeup before. Lips with filler will also have problems holding the color as the filler will make it difficult for the color to be placed into the epidermis. We recommend having semi-permanent makeup prior to Botox or dermal fillers so that we are able to balance out the shape of the eyebrows, eyeliner, and the lips based on natural muscle orientation.

Downtime is very quick compared to more invasive treatments, such as plastic surgery or tattooing. In general, it takes about 10-14 days to fully heal. But it does not mean that clients have to stay at home! They are free to go about their day.

Right after the treatment, it may be a bit swollen, but the swelling goes down within the hour for the brows and lips. Eyes may be swollen the next day after sleep during to inflammation and the eyes trying to heal themselves while the client is asleep. A cold compress made from cool, clean water and cotton pads help with inflammation.

Clients are also provided aftercare products specifically designed to cleanse and heal the skin during the downtime. There might be tightness around the pigmented area and dryness due to the dead skin accumulating on top and the new skin being created underneath. During this time, clients should not touch that area with their hands to prevent infection.

The affected area may also appear darker for the first few days as it has been freshly pigmented but when the dead skin sheds off, it does get noticeably lighter. This is completely normal and natural and will be addressed in the follow-up session.

Haute Makeup will continue to get lighter as the top layer of the skin exfoliates. During this time, we advise clients not to be out in strong sunlight without protective sunblock. Generally speaking, the more the skin is moisturized and protected, the more the color will last.

Healing Process (the facts after the procedure)

After you have finished your semi-permanent makeup service, expect the following:

  • The applied area will appear two to three shades darker within the following days
  • There will be mild to moderate redness and inflammation depending on the sensitivity of your skin type and area of the semi-permanent makeup service and should return to normal within a week
  • The skin will feel drier, as the most external part of the skin will create a light scab to protect the tissues underneath from germs.
  • At this stage, it is most important that you follow the aftercare instructions to prevent infections. Usually, your body’s immune system will protect the wound, in the form of clear fluid oozing from the wound called serum or sometimes lymph. This fluid helps clean the area and should not cause concern.
  • As healing continues, you may notice that the area might feel itchy. Please do not scratch! Clients can accidentally take off more of their color by pulling off or peeling off the scabs. Do not use any exfoliating products.
  • Keep the micropigmentation clean and well-moisturized. The more moisturized the skin is, the better the color will last.
  • The dead skin will slough off by the end of the first week of healing, and the remaining color will look lighter than initially applied. This is normal and should not cause concern.

We recommend that clients refresh their shape and color at their leisure; however optimal time is about a year up to two years since the last micropigmentation session.

Haute Makeup has developed effective and high-quality aftercare products for your Haute Makeup. We cannot accept any liability for your micropigmentation in the case of third-party products or improperly applied aftercare.

To ensure the longest possible enjoyment of your long-lasting semi-permanent makeup, please follow the instructions below for at least two weeks after each service.

If you have any aftercare related questions concerning the healing of your semi-permanent makeup, contact your Haute Makeup Hautician® for advice.

Aftercare Instructions (strictly followed for best results)

Taking good care of your Haute Makeup is recommended to keep the long-lasting semi-permanent makeup looking fresh.

  1. Under no circumstances, apply conventional cosmetics, soaps, or oils to the freshly pigmented semi-permanent makeup. Use only cool water and never hot water, as hot water will dry out the skin. If you must wear makeup or powder, first apply the Haute Healing Cream.
  2. Cleanse mornings and evenings with Haute Cleansing Milk then apply the Haute Healing Cream.
  3. Do not use a face cloth or exfoliating products over or around the treated areas.
  4. Do not apply the Haute Healing Cream with your fingertips, use a cotton swab instead.
  5. Do not rub or scratch the treated area. Only dab on the cream lightly with a cotton swab.
  6. Do not use steam rooms or saunas and avoid soaking the treated areas in a hot bath, swimming pool, or hot tub following the first week of your treatment session.
  7. If using a solarium or sunbathing, completely cover your Haute Makeup or protect it with a sunscreen with high protection factor and a hat. UV light can affect your semi-permanent makeup.

In the first ten days of your semi-permanent makeup, the pigmentation can appear darker when the dead skin is accumulating on top and then lighter when the dead skin sloughs off. On account of natural skin cell renewal and regeneration, some of the colors will soften and fade as time passes.

We strongly recommend that you have your Haute Makeup refreshed every year in order to maintain a vibrant, fresh-faced appearance.

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