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What is Haute Makeup

Naturally Beautiful All Days & All Nights

Haute Makeup is the world’s premier luxury micropigmentation

Our professional-grade, hygienic, and beautiful semi-permanent makeup is of the highest quality. Our Haute Bespoke Method™ services are personalized to each individual, matching the shape and color perfectly for every face.

Haute Makeup is the first brand of highest standard luxury micro-pigmentation. This prestigious and premium semi-permanent makeup service is created by the Master Hautician®, Michelle Park, a former CIDESCO diplomat, skincare specialist, and semi-permanent makeup artist.

Haute Makeup is a permanent makeup alternative for a natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance. This semi-permanent makeup service is a less invasive treatment providing subtle-looking enhancement to eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips. Haute Makeup can also do beauty marks; lip highlights, and wrinkle softening micropigmentation, these are one-of-a-kind services unmatched from our method.

Furthermore, our medical camouflage treatments can help mask problem areas due to scars from injuries and surgeries, or other skin problems.

What makes Haute Makeup unique

Our innovative approach to permanent makeup gives clients incomparably natural-looking results. It is less painful than your average permanent makeup and involves no bleeding whatsoever because it is less traumatic to the skin. It’s no doubt that semi-permanent makeup can be an advantage for everyday wear for all individuals.

As there is a starting base with semi-permanent makeup, your makeup application time can be reduced, saving time in the day. Now you can wake up with less work to do thanks to your Haute Makeup. Dress it up however you like depending on the occasion.

In other cases, the aging process can affect your face. Eyebrows can thin out and lose hair, leading to an irregular shape. Lips can shrink, be washed out due to fading pigmentation around the mouth, or have lipstick bleeding because of fine wrinkles around the lips. For individuals who lack the ability to grow hair from over-plucking, chemotherapy treatments, or skin disorders; semi-permanent makeup can be a solution for them.

Tailored and customized pre-drawing finds every client's unique look
The most gentle pigmentation reduces the skin damage and shorten recovery time

Semi-permanent eyebrows are the most popular service we offer. A pair of well-shaped eyebrows frames the face and can emulate youthfulness for any client. Semi-permanent eyeliner makes eyelashes look darker and fuller, and our lip service balances out the shape and color so applying makeup takes no time at all!

Our true semi-permanent makeup technique does not damage the skin, fades over time, and creates realistic and natural results for about one to two years. Because Haute Makeup fades over time, it is easy for clients to change their shape and color instead of building up an ugly permanent shade. Haute Makeup clients do not have to make a lifetime commitment! They can update their look however they want or completely let it fade away and disappear as time goes on.

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Who is Michelle Park

Master Hautician® Michelle Park

Master Hautician® Michelle Park is revered for her semi- permanent makeup for cosmetic and medical procedures. Throughout her esteemed career, Master Hautician® Michelle has distinguished herself as one of the most renowned semi-permanent makeup artists of her kind, as her Haute Makeup Bespoke Method™ has become an iconized style of permanent makeup.

Emerging as a micropigmentation artist front-runner, Master Hautician® Michelle’s approach to semi-permanent makeup is her focus on natural beauty and safe high-quality products. Knowing that each client’s face is unique with their features and guided by their individual sense of style, the Master does not use templates or mass-produced measurements geared on the “general” face. Instead, she uses her keen eye for detail and demonstrates her makeup ability to her clients through her drawing, leading to a real-time, curated personalized result and a highly specified “natural harmony” for each client.

Her commitment to safe but stunning colors minimizes the risk of badly done permanent makeup, which can be the outcome of an unskilled technician or poor-quality goods.

While developing her method for luxury semi-permanent makeup, Master Hautician® Michelle Park has an impressive clientele base, including men and women from royal families, actors, singers, supermodels, and television hosts from Hollywood to Europe to the Middle East to Asia.

First settling in Vancouver, Canada in 2000 with her first semi-permanent makeup salon, Master Hautician® Michelle has been featured on local radio, as well as being highlighted in the TV series, Vanity Insanity, in applying semi-permanent makeup to clients with alopecia and hair loss.

Master Hautician® Michelle Park has also been a frequent contributor to American Spa Magazine as a reference and expert advisor regarding semi-permanent makeup and medical camouflage pigmentation services.

Before working exclusively in semi-permanent makeup, Master Hautician® Michelle Park has been an honored esthetician, with a diploma from CIDESCO, an international beauty therapy organization “representing the highest standards of esthetics.” Her in-depth knowledge of the skin enhances her skill in semi-permanent makeup.

Vanity Insanity, Global TV on 2005
Micropigmenation precisely applied after bespoke drawing

Since the debut of her Beverly Hills salon in 2010, seated in Beverly Hills’ “Golden Triangle”,  Master Hautician® Michelle Park has been the choice referral by local Beverly Hills plastic surgeons for her adept ability in medical camouflage pigmentation services. Her medical camouflage pigmentation services include camouflage of skin pigmentation disorders such as vitiligo and hypo-pigmentation, facial and body scars arising from accidents, burns, or surgery; recreating nipple areolas and correcting cleft lips and palates.

Her skill, gentle procedure, and natural-looking result win Master Hautician® Michelle the respect and trust of her peers in Beverly Hills. Her meticulous work is the result of Michelle’s own beauty aesthetic: even the smallest detail can change the ordinary into the extraordinary. Her personal motto is reflected by the care she places into her semi-permanent makeup services, as well as her teaching code.

Selected among other qualified Linergists by Long-Time-Liner®, Michelle was the Head Trainer for Long-Time-Liner® North America, with 17 years of active experience. Now retired from being the Licensee for Long-Time-Liner®, she is now the artistic mind of Haute Makeup™ — an innovative and revolutionary semi-permanent makeup company following her vision and philosophy of natural beauty and harmony.

Her students are worldwide, with most residing in the US and Canada, as well as overseas. Her certification by the Los Angeles County Public Health Department and Vancouver Coastal Health ensures top quality training with emphasis on hygienic practices. Master Hautician® Michelle’s approach to this field is unlike the old method of permanent makeup; her lessons are centered on modern practices and easy to understand techniques.

Today, Master Hautician® Michelle Park continues to wow her A-list clients by her enigmatic talent to help them discover their best look, whether it is full, expressive semi-permanent eyebrows; precise and perfect semi-permanent eyeliner; or voluptuous semi-permanent lips in the best shape and color.

With her passion for creating long-lasting natural beauty; Master Hautician® Michelle Park has crafted Haute Makeup, a company that will create a legacy in the field of micropigmentation.

No. 1 Semi-permanent Makeup Artist in North America

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Where are locations

Master Hautician® Michelle Park's World Appointment Tours circulates 4 locations twice a year

Fans from all around of world including major cities in the US and Canada await eagerly for Master Hautician® Michelle Park’s World Appointment Tours.

Following outpouring demand from clients, the Master Hautician® will circulate the cities with the most requests, such as New York City, NY, and Bellevue, WA. Her mainstay tours in Beverly Hills, CA and Vancouver, BC can book regular appointments seasonally. 

If you would like the Master Hautician® at your city as like Dubai or Shanghai, contact us today and let your voice be heard! Cities will be added to World Appointment Tours based on the volume of requests. 

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Learn Haute Makeup

Theoretical topics of permanent makeup

Introduction & Concept of Haute Makeup Bespoke Method™ 

A fast-growing and increasingly popular market of the beauty industry, permanent makeup can transform your skills to providing a lasting positive difference in the everyday lives of your clients.

Made for the modern salon, the Haute Makeup Bespoke Method™ is the contemporary approach to creating a brand name service, aimed at performing micropigmentation with finesse. Semi-permanent makeup technicians who have an eye for beauty, are detail-oriented, and are talented in artistry – they are known as Hauticians®, trained by Haute Makeup.

Haute Makeup’s semi-permanent makeup training courses center on our concept of balanced, harmonious, and naturally beautiful micropigmentation. We are focused on creating easy-to-understand lessons, promoting high-quality micropigmentation skills, and instilling good habits to students.

Permanent makeup training can be confusing and convoluted, with information that is sometimes contradictory and unclear. The Haute Makeup Bespoke Method™ is easy semi-permanent makeup training. Designed for clarity and focused on individual success, Haute Makeup training courses touch upon the fundamentals of permanent makeup, skin dermatology, hygienic practices according to North American laws, color theory and pigment composition, and marketing to help each Haute Makeup Hautician® achieve their potential.

Our training programs are made with simplicity in mind yet have valuable information to help students start their careers. Our ideology is to reinvent the way people view permanent cosmetics and to restore confidence to permanent makeup artists who feel unsatisfied by their old methods.

Haute Makeup’s training emphasizes on true semi-permanent makeup technique, which lasts longer than microblading but will get lighter and lighter over the course of a year so that clients are never stuck with a shape like a tattoo makeup. With the intensive study on proper make-up drawing techniques, strengthening core skills in eye training for imperfections, and hands-on learning with the device – Haute Makeup Hauticians® graduate with confidence on what they want to do for their clients.

Offering different courses to suit students’ needs, along with education for fully-trained Hauticians® for improving skills and upgrading service repertoires, luxury micropigmentation is possible with Haute Makeup!

After the completion of a course, Hauticians® gain an emphasized marketing presence, and through the Haute Monde Network, every Haute Makeup trainee has continued support from Haute Makeup’s District Mentors and Regional Masters, as well as headquarters for their questions and concerns. Join the high society of semi-permanent makeup professionals.

Welcome to the Haute Monde Network.

One on one hand-on training

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